Oddin.gg Licensed in Colorado, Further Expanding its Award-winning Esports Betting Footprint in North America


Oddin.gg is proud to announce that it has been granted a temporary license from the Colorado Division of Gaming. B2B esports specialist Oddin.gg thus makes another major step in Oddin.gg’s North American expansion. The license is a staple on the fact that Oddin.gg provides a service that is fully in line with the state's regulatory system.

Oddin.gg is a holder of the Ontario and New Jersey licenses. The newly obtained permit will extend the company's reach to provide its award-winning esports betting services on the US market.

Vlastimil Venclik, co-Founder and CEO of Oddin.gg, said: “We are thrilled to achieve yet another important milestone for Oddin.gg. Acquiring the Colorado license strengthens our position on the US market, and is another major step in our North American expansion strategy. We have been actively working on the acquisition of further US licenses to support both existing
clients and prospects in the future.”

He added, "With the esports domain in North America projected to witness exponential growth – forecasting a betting volume of approximately US$ 10 billion by 2025 – there exists a vast expanse for heightened bettor engagement and an enhanced esports viewing experience. This booming market paves the way for forward-thinking US bookmakers to embrace esports, carving out a unique niche amidst their peers. At Oddin.gg, we're poised to empower such
companies with our award-winning tools and services, driving their success and concurrently elevating the stature of esports."

Oddin.gg remains committed to fueling the global esports ecosystem with invaluable resources, helping to steer the industry towards unprecedented heights.


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