Almost 9-digit monthly EUR handle under the management, advanced liability management, real-time fraud detection and bettors profiling.


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“Our customers and partners will now have access to even more events, odds feeds, monitoring and results, including risk management. The partnership with Oddin.gg will allow not only our partners, but also Sportsbook, to expand and strengthen its position in betting.”
Alexander Kamenetskyi
Sportsbook Product Owner at Softswiss


Fine-tune your liability limits based on the quality of the tournaments and your risk appetite or rely on our expertise to set-it up for you once we learn more about your business.


Analyse the performance per esport, tournament, or even per individual match or market.


With the real-time robust algorithms in place, extensive trading expertise and a blacklist of suspicious teams and tournaments in place, the risk of match-fixing for your sportsbook is well mitigated.


Oddin.gg has the customers from all across the world, having the access to real-time incoming betslips globally.

Given the portfolio of existing partners, we are able to identify global market sentiment for both prematch as well as live. Potential match-fixing with one partner can protect the others. The sheer size of our network benefits each and every of its members.

We also monitor specific esport betting social groups and tournament, team, players news, etc.

Realtime Ticket Monitoring
Oddin's risk management team monitors incoming bets in real time, which allows to make proactive actions.
Best-on-the-market Margin Performance
State-of-art Oddin.gg Risk Management service lets you achieve the margins at an odds overround level.
No Integration Needed with iFrame Solution
Risk Management service included in the iFrame solution by default. There is not extra integration needed.
Backoffice Setting Platform
From fine-tuning liability limits to creating custom translations..
Limits & Liability
Maximum payout, maximum liability in a single match, betting delay and many other options to optimise your risk exposure.
Templates & Tournaments
Margins, minimum and maximum odds to be offered within a single betting market, tournament risk tiers and many more functionalities.
A live list of all currently available esports matches with details.


The integration is very quick and straight forward, so it’s a perfect solution for those who are limited with development resources.

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