Oddin.gg iFrame: updated solution for your instant start in esports betting


Oddin.gg, a leading provider of esports betting solutions, is proud to introduce a rich set of enhancements to one of its core products, the iFrame. iFrame is a one-stop integrated solution ready to be simply embedded into any sportsbook. It has been prepared specifically for esports bettors, offering a variety of title coverage, the industry's highest number of live betting opportunities and highest uptime available. The Viking team of Oddin.gg has been working mainly on improvements for the new generation of bettors. The integration process remains almost seamless, with average clients of Oddin.gg up and running within two weeks.

In the brief overview of the improvements, we start with a simplified menu and scoreboard. Many icons and buttons trigger on-hover information so the overall UX is more understandable, clear and fast for bettors. The updated setup offers a better visibility of which match and tournament user is looking at. A lot of attention was put into offering a variety of functions for personalization of experience when working with the iFrame: users can now put selected tournaments to favorites, adjust settings such as odds format, acceptance of odds and stake palette, or switch the view to two columns with just scoreboard and odds being available.

The mobile version also boasts a list of upgrades and improvements, too, making the new iFrame truly mobile-first. The loading speed has been significantly improved. Updated UX allows more overall visibility and blended with unification it makes a great on-mobile experience.

Notifications help users monitor issues that have a negative impact on user experience, such as lost internet connection or not being logged in.

For sportsbooks, the new iFrame also has an improved scale of customization options that allows even smoother integration within the existing design: over 20 languages and 200 currencies to choose from, customizable odds formats, etc. Harmonization of iFrame and widgets if used both is already available.

The main advantage of iFrame for the existing Oddin.gg clients is that they won't spend a second updating, all will be provided remotely.

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