Juana Bischoff for Games Magazine Brasil: Esports betting demand on the rise in LATAM


Exclusive interview for Games Magazine Brasil originally published on May 3, 2023

GMB: What is your assessment of SAGSE Latam 2023?
Juana Bischoff: SAGSE is great. I love being here and meeting friends, traders and seeing the platforms available to the market.

GMB: As a global leader in the field of data feeds, especially in eSports, how do you see the current situation in this market?
JB: Oddin.gg is a B2B data feed provider and we believe that the LatAm market is very large and Brazil is a key country in the eSports segment, as are Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. We see that eSports have already arrived in Latin America and it is important to highlight that last year the IEM took place in Rio de Janeiro and at the moment another important tournament is taking place in Brazil.

GMB: How is Brazil for Oddin.gg?
JB: Brazil is huge. There are many eSports fans, it is a very important market both for us and for bookmakers as fans want bets on their favorite teams.

GMB: What are the company's plans for when the Brazilian market is regulated?
JB: With certainty that, from the regulation, the market will grow even more and it will be a huge opportunity and we will be able to grow together.

GMB: What are Oddin.gg's expectations for the global market in 2023?
JB: For us, with the different solutions we have, such as odds feeds, risk management and iframe solutions, we want to support bookmakers so that they have a spectacular offer especially for this group of young people who are already there and are so enchanted by the traditional and electronic sports.

GMB: How is Oddin.gg approaching sports and eSports bookmakers in Latin America?
JB: There is something very interesting that I want to share with you. Today, for many bookmakers eSports is the first modality under the five key sports. So there is huge growth. A young gambler around 25 years old has the potential to stay in a bookmaker for a long time, like 20 or 30 years. What is needed is to have more offers.

When I ask an eSports fan where he goes when he wants to bet on his favorite team, he often replies that it's not easy and that he has to look for it. So, I believe that bookmakers need to change their attitude because eSports is an important topic to grow the business and the number of customers. Therefore, Oddin.gg can help operators with their needs in this segment.

Video interview available here.


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