Oddin.gg Forms Partnership with Fissure for Esports Data Rights


Oddin.gg has entered into a new data partnership with the esports organizer Fissure. This collaboration aims to enhance the esports analytics and betting landscape, offering a fresh perspective on how data is managed and used in the betting industry.

The partnership, especially relevant in the Dota and CS2 games, aims to introduce new dynamics in these Tier 1 esports scenes. Fissure's unique Dacha format, differing from the typical large-scale LAN events, is designed to create a more player-friendly environment. This approach prioritizes player well-being and community engagement, offering a new angle on esports event organization and audience interaction.

Managing Tier 1 events in the Counter-Strike scene can be challenging, and Fissure's entry into this space seeks to bring a fresh approach. The partnership is set to host at least two Tier 1 Dota2 and other major title events in 2024, granting Oddin.gg exclusive access to real-time esports data. This initiative reflects Oddin.gg's effort to grow its data rights portfolio and showcases their role in the esports betting and data landscape.

Oddin.gg and Fissure aim to enhance the quality of Tier 1 events, improving the overall experience for viewers and bettors.

This deal represents a pivotal step forward in integrating data rights directly into the full suite of betting services, offering clear benefits to all stakeholders in the sector.

Marek Suchar, Managing Director and Co-founder at Oddin.gg, expressed excitement over the collaboration: "We're so excited to partner with Fissure, which showed a significant growth in the last years, moving from strength to strength with their superb production. We are thrilled to support their aspiration of hosting multiple Tier 1 events in 2024 with a different, yet fresh look to what esports audience and teams are used to. We want to help with the growth of new TOs within the space as it is a vital yet difficult challenge to run events of this scale.. Fissure's events and vision well fits to Oddin.gg's growing portfolio of official esports data rights, emphasizing our role in reshaping the esports betting landscape."

Speaking on behalf of Fissure, Andrey Mickheev, CBO, highlighted the synergistic nature of the partnership: "For FISSURE, it has always been important to have a partnership with a reliable data partner. We consider partnering with Oddin.gg as a strategic move, where each party concentrates on its core business to deliver a high-quality end product for consumers"


FISSURE is an esports tournament operator and production studio based in Yerevan, Armenia. Producing high-quality and engaging content for viewers is our primary focus.


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