Oddin.gg and eRushIT expand the Valhalla Cup Rush Rush Football Valhalla Cup Tournament


Oddin.gg is one of the leading global providers across the whole spectrum of esports services, offering a full range of B2B solutions to betting operators worldwide. Today, Oddin.gg and its partner eRushIT are proud to announce a secondary stream expansion of the popular Rush Football Valhalla Cup Tournament.

The launch of the second Valhalla Cup stream will increase the available content, as well as the number of choices for bettors. First and second streams supplement each other as they start at different times, so when one stream has a break to prepare for the next match, the match on the other stream is already in progress.

What is the Valhalla Cup?

The Valhalla Cup is a 24/7 Rush Football Tournament, streamed live on the interactive streaming platform Twitch. The Cup is played by real players on a Playstation 5 and is organized by eRushIT, with Oddin.gg supplying odds feed, risk management and integrity services. The matches between the players (who must all be 18+ years) are available for wagering, both pre-match and live.

The Valhalla Cup, launched in September 2021, has already gained a foothold in the global market and is offered by prominent operators such as sportsbet.io, RETAbet, Picklebet, Thunderpick, and others. The Cup is immensely popular on mobile devices, with more than 80% of the Twitch views coming from mobile.

The success the Cup has been enjoying among bettors is attributed to the nature of the tournament with its quick 10-minute contests, the constant streaming of matches and, in turn, opportunities to bet. Every day more than 100 unique matches are broadcast.

Another, equally important reason for the Cup’s success, is the integrity of the games. Both Oddin.gg and eRushIT are extremely strict when it comes to integrity monitoring, working closely with the esports regulatory body ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission). To this end, all Cup matches are closely monitored and supervised by referees of eRushIt while the betting activity is closely reviewed in real-time by Oddin.gg through its risk management solution.

Marek Suchar, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Oddin.gg comments on the new developments: “Since its launch, bettors have embraced the Valhalla Cup and its potential for fun and wagering, any time of day or night, from anywhere in the world. At Oddin.gg, we are happy to be the backbone of this stellar solution, offering what we do the best in the world: the widest selection of live markets and highest uptime, along with a flawless risk management solution. We are thrilled to provide the Valhalla Cup's second stream and we are certain that it won’t be the last”.

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