How esports fans bet on 3 major esports events - Comparison


Three major events in esports took place during May 2022, and, the world’s leading B2B provider of esports odds feeds, risk management, and iFrame solutions shares its insights on betting there.

May 2022 Esports Tournaments Introduction:

Each tournament was held in one of the most popular esports:

PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ESL One Stockholm 2022: Dota 2 Mid-Season Invitational 2022: League of Legends

Popularity of Events

Before looking into betting data, let's see the average viewership stats of events at their peaks, which was, in all cases, during the tournament final (source:

EST 2022: DOTA 2 viewership was affected by the lack of Chinese teams. It was a big deal because Chinese teams are some of the best. It would have much better stats for viewership and betting if the Chinese teams were there; PSG.LGD, Royal Never Give Up, Team Aster and Xtreme Gaming did not attend Stockholm Major due to a decision made by Perfect World to host the Regional Final only for Chinese teams, giving as a reason the ongoing health concerns in China.

Riot for MSI 2022: LoL made a decision that Chinese players will play from home, while other teams played on 35 ping (unusual for a LAN tournament), due to ongoing health concerns in China. The Grand Finals did not end well, as the arena was full with 4000+ people, and their home team T1 lost to Chinese RNG, who were not even present in the arena so there was nobody to pick up the trophy.

Betting Insights and Comparison

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Main versus side markets:

The main markets (Match, Map, Handicaps) bet volume versus side markets shows the necessity of engaging side markets during the tournaments, especially for League of Legends and Global Offensive:

Live markets versus pre-match:

The majority of bet volume is placed during live games in all tournaments, underlining the importance of allowing bettors to place bets throughout the game.

Average bets:

The average bet size again shows the importance of live markets. These tournaments enjoyed a much higher average bet than lower-tier tournaments played from January to April 2022.

Average bet - Total: Overall for tournament
Average bet - Live: Only from live markets, bets placed during game
Average bet - Prematch: Bets placed before game
Game Average 2022: Average bet on game from Jan-Apr 2022

MSI 2022: LOL

  • 85 EUR overall average
  • on live markets 18% higher than pre-market
  • 82% higher than LOL average for Jan-Apr 2022
ESL 2022: DOTA2

  • 81 EUR overall average
  • on live markets 11% higher than pre-market
  • 179% higher than DOTA 2 average for Jan-Apr 2022
PGL 2022: CS:GO

  • 76 EUR overall average
  • on live markets 66% higher than pre-market
  • 71% higher than CS:GO average for Jan-Apr 2022

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