Oddin.gg, one of the industry’s most preferred providers of esports odds feeds, risk management and iFrame solutions, is happy to announce its new cooperation with CBV (Center of Betting Vietnam).

Oddin.gg will provide its iFrame solution to CBV, the sole holder of an esports gambling license as granted by the local authorities in Vietnam, and therefore the first and only legal esports operator in the country for the foreseeable future. This marks the new era for South East Asia as Vietnam will become one of the very few countries where esports betting will be legally allowed. Given the population of 96 million, smartphone penetration of 45% and the fact that 70% of the population has access to the internet, it is no surprise there are already 5 million esports enthusiasts in the country. The esports scene is poised to explode in the upcoming years.

CBV operates under the auspices of AVRCIPL (Association of Research and Consultancy on Policies and Law for Investment in Vietnam). AVRCIPL is responsible for connecting state agencies and private sector corporations, helping the latter to overcome policy and legal challenges for investment activities in Vietnam.

Bang Dang, spokesperson for CBV noted on the new collaboration: “Selecting the best and most reliable solution on the market was crucial for our aim to build the market from the ground up. Out of all the providers we have reviewed, Oddin.gg stood out with their comprehensive end-to-end iFrame solution that was fast to implement and provides us the level of control we were looking for. At the same time we can fully rely on Oddin.gg's expertise and their guidance in the esports betting waters that are new to us. Given their leading uptime and number of live markets, we are certain we offer our bettors the best esports betting experience there is. We believe we have made the right choice and we are looking forward to the fruitful partnership for the years to come.”
Marek Suchar, Managing Director and co-founder of Oddin.gg commented on the new partnership: “We at Oddin.gg have reached another milestone! Esports in South East Asia has been mainstream for quite some time, where the status of esports pros is comparable to the status of other athletes. Yet, the legal environment for betting has been challenging, leaving opportunities for unregulated space to flourish. Through the partnership with CBV, we aspire to bring to Vietnam highly engaging esports betting alternative that will be regulatory-complaint and guarantee a high level of security for bettors. We hope we can set the right example and precedent for the other countries to follow in the upcoming years. ”

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